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According to the related rules and regulations concerning NTUT Organization and Accounting & Statistical Statues Over Government Agencies, NTUT Office of Accounting is thus established. The Office of Accounting at NTUT is administrated by a Director, with two divisions: Annual Budget Division and Accounting Division, each of which has a Division Chief, in cooperation with a Senior Officer and four Officers at work. In addition, there are also a technician, two office assistants and a part-time student helping with the jobs.



All the employers at the Office of Accounting serve the school community with ardent enthusiasm. Under the regulations of the Laws, we are devoted to helping the long-/short-term development and to maintaining a solid financial system of NTUT. As for around-the-campus accounting, our jobs mainly cover:

I. Approximation and Decision of Annual Budgets  :

The NTUT annual budgets are fully governed by the standards based on the Ministry of Education. For all the financial stages: approximation, budget cases, legitimate budgets and distribution of budgets, all the processes firmly conform to the rules and regulations as is described in “Budget Manuals For the Agencies Under the Central Government” created by the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan. Besides, all the financial processes are verified by the Legislative Yuan.

II. Management & Verification of Income and Expenditure :

1、   At the beginning of a school year, based on the sum total accumulated over the full list of budget items, Research & Development Offices takes the responsibility for distributing the budgets for the equipment and materials fees required by the academic units, Office of General Affairs for dealing with the functional expenses for all the intramural units while the related academically individual units takes care of their cooperative projects respectively.

2、   All kinds of income are controlled through the presence of receipts and invoices. All the outgoing expenses are controlled by the numbers as are described in the budget pages and by the sum total of the income. All the incoming and outgoing processes--including subsidies from resources out of the campus as well as authorized research projects--are governed by the Laws, contracts and regulations in question.

III. Management of Accounting Books :

For all the annual income and expenses in relation to NTUT School Foundation, vouchers, accounting books, monthly forms, half-yearly forms and final reports of annual budgets are all dealt with by computers.



Staring July 1st, 1997, as is required by the revised clauses concerning “Budgets and Financial Operation for the National Colleges and Universities” issued by the Ministry of Education, the financial system at NTUT has been transformed into what is called School Foundation Budget—a special case of funds in the budget laws. Thereafter, all kinds of income, expenses and financial operations are performed in accordance with “Clauses of the School Foundation for National Colleges and Universities.” NTUT has a diversity of income sources—subsidies from the government, tuitions and fees, income from the continuation education, income from the cooperative projects, income from the rent of facilities, income from social donations, income from banking interest and income from other resources. All kinds of expenses are performed in strict accordance with rules and regulations set for the central government agencies. What matters is: NTUT has to assume the responsibility for the financial balance. Since the government subsidies are getting smaller in the near future, we have to work hard to explore more resources of income and to stay economical in expenses to achieve a better control of school budgets—an unavoidable direction for the School Foundation.